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Welcome to our archives page where you can see all the previous press releases, flyers and information sheets from the Save Macclesfield Greenbelt Campaign. This page is in reverse chronological order, i.e. the newest items are at the top of the page.


Click the links below to access the information publish at the dates below:


- January 2017

- August 2016

- July 2016

- April 2016

- March 2016

- February 2016

- March 2014

- February 2014

- December 2013 - end of 2013 consultation

- November 2013

- September 2013

- July 2013

- April 2013

- 2012 - start of campaign



January 2017

Cheshire East Council survey on local air quality - open until 3rd Feb


CEC is undertaking a Local Air Quality Consultation. Broken Cross in Macclesfield is to become an "Air Quality Management Area" because it has poor air quality.


By completing the survey, you have an opportunity to tell CEC that:

- any residential development between Chelford Rd and Whirley Rd and Chelford Rd and Pexhill Rd (both in the Local Plan);

- a new roundabout on Chelford Rd (A537), between the Cock Inn and Broken Cross roundabout; and

- a link road across SW Macclesfield...

...will all increase congestion; increase harmful emissions; and decrease air quality!


Completing the survey may influence the council on whether to go ahead with these developments as the most recent Planning Inspectors Interim Report says CEC now has 'greater flexibility' in it's Local Plan following the inclusion of potential windfall site development figures in Macclesfield, something SMGB successfully fought hard to get included in last years Inspector's Hearings using our Barrister crowd funded by residents and friends of Macclesfield - Thank you!


The survey is here:




or you can access the survey by going to Cheshire East's website, scroll down to 'Have your say', click on 'Air quality management areas (ends 03 February 2017)' then click on 'Complete the Air Quality Management Areas Survey'.


It isn't too complicated but does have some leading questions so please read and comment carefully!


More detail on the issues we think should be raised and updates on developments is provided in the SMGB document below:


How to object to the consultation

Further information on Local Air Quality Consultation


The local air quality consultation ends on 3rd February 2017.


Please pass on to friends and neighbours likely to be affected. Thanks SMGB!



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August 2016

SMGB plans to secure legal representation - donations needed


SMGB plan to obtain legal representation from a specialist barrister to fight our corner against the barristers hired by the developers and CEC. We have already found a potential company who are considering the case, and SMGB are confident that our arguments are robust enough to make a difference. We need your help in securing this legal assistance at a crucial stage, i.e., the upcoming Hearing Sessions with the Planning Inspector in September.


We have therefore set up a Go Fund Me page where you can donate to the cause. The target is £5000 and any and all donations of any amount will help us secure the specialist help we need. To donate, please follow the link below:


SMGB Fighting Fund



As you know, SMGB have been working hard protecting the Green Belt, lobbying our MP and the council, and we couldn't have done it without your help in submitting the over 11,500 objections in the recent consultation. However the fight continues as Cheshire East Council has indicated that site CS32 (the so-called "safeguarded land" between Pexhill and Gawsworth Roads) is now being considered for immediate development!


This may be the most crucial stage in this fight to save the green belt of Macclesfield from the developers. Please donate and spread the word.

Thank you for your continued support!


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July 2016

SMGB Objection Documents


Please find below the objections documents submitted by SMGB over the course of the last consultation on the Local Plan. Click on the images to download the documents.


Pre-submission document
CS10 submission

SMGB pre-submission document

SMGB CS10 submission

CS32 Submission
CS40 submission

SMGB CS32 submission

SMGB CS40 submission

CS41 submission

SMGB CS41 submission



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April 2016


To all those involved, thank you.

It was a good quality representation and lots of effort was made within our
communities pulling together,helping to get our voices heard.

We put forward to Cheshire East Council well over 2000 objections with some direct to the council and over 1000 of these collected online through SMGB website.

The Local Plan Consutation is now closed on the council website but can be viewed:






March 2016

Check out our leaflet as to why you should object to the revised Local Plan (click on the image to open) - see below:


How to object to the consultation

Why you should object (PDF leaflet)

Object using our standard letter templates! or use the tab at the top of the screen to submit your letter electronically from this website
Below are two copies - one is a standard letter for you to print off and fill in by hand; the second is an editable document which you can fill in on your PC and then print or email to localplan@cheshireeast.gov.uk as you prefer - see below:


Consultation Flyer Page 1
Consultation Flyer Page Two

Standard Objection Letter (PDF to print)

Standard Objection Letter (computer editable format)


The new Maccelsfield Town Council want to hear from you too. So please also email or send your response to them using the email address clerk@macclesfield-tc.gov.uk or the postal address below:


Macclesfield Town Council
Macclesfield Town Hall


SK10 1EA


And finally... SMGB have spoken to David Rutley MP and have provided him with a list of questions to ask the Planning Minister on our behalf concerning the legitimacy of some of the Council's proposals, amongst other things. We will keep you updated as to any further developments.


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Consultation now open

The latest consultation on the Local Plan is now open on the council website:




Check back to the Save Macclesfield Green Belt website and Facebook page soon for more information on the reasons why you should object, and further details on how to object to the plans.


Macclesfield Town Council are holding two Community Consultation sessions on the Local Plan on 16th March and 30th March. See poster below for more details.


Community Consultation Plans


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February 2016

The Cheshire East housing development plan is back with a vengence!


Cheshire East Council have released their revised Strategic Plan, which includes even more sites to be removed from the greenbelt - we are now looking at in excess of 527 acres of greenbelt planned to be removed around Macclesfield, 4250 new houses and 50 acres of new employment land. They have already stolen 173 acres of greenfield - don't let them take any more!


See the maps on the right hand side for the updated plans!

The consultation is expected to open on 3 March 2016. Check back here for more details on how to object.


You can also check out our new Facebook page here.


Check out the Macclesfield Express article by clicking on the image below. Or catch us on page 13 of the printed copy. Listen out for our interview on Silk FM 106.9 coming very soon.


Macclesfield Express Article February 2016

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March 2014

2014 Local Plan submissions by SMGB


Pre-submission document
CS10 submission

SMGB 2014 submission document

SMGB 2014 CS10 submission

CS32 Submission
CS40 submission

SMGB 2014 CS32 submission

SMGB 2014 Link road submission


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February 2014

February Press Release


Cheshire East Council has unveiled its final version of its Local Plan which it will present to the Planning Inspector, we are guessing, at the end of Summer.


Save Macclesfield Green Belt Team has assessed the new Local Plan unveiled by Cheshire East Council and has found that little has changed, although a significant area of South West Macclesfield will now remain as green belt instead of being "safeguarded" (earmarked) for development.

The housing figures that CEC are using are still inflated by at least one third. Furthermore, there is no mention of Alderley Park being used for housing and eyesores such as the old TA site remain outside any development area so we must assume these sites will remain an eyesore for all to see.

Although developers are being allowed to build on Employment Land at Tytherington, new Employment Land is being taken from the green belt adjacent to Congleton Road in the south of the town (see map below).

There are enough brownfield sites in Macclesfield to accomodate the correct scale of development required - the green belt boundaries are there to ensure development takes place within the town and to prevent urban sprawl.
Save Macclesfield Green Belt will be approaching the Planning Inspector in due course.


Below is the latest Local Plan map released which shows the sections which have been removed but more importantly those that remain. Click on the map to see the larger version. We apologise for the poor quality of the map.



New local plan map


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December 2013

Thank You!


Thank you so much for your help and all of your objections thus far, and hopefully, this time, the Council will listen to what the people of Macclesfield and the wider Cheshire community have to say.

Fingers crossed!


December 2013

Only a few days left to Object!!!


We now have less than 10 days to voice objections to the council’s plan to steal our green belt.

We really need to send in as many objections as possible so we have prepared a standard letter/email so anyone can easily just edit the relevant sections, sign and address it, and then email it to the council.


How to email the objection letter to the Council:



1. Open the standard letter by clicking on the link below:

Standard letter click here

2. Change relevant details e.g. name and address

3. Highlight all the text and copy it

4. Open the pre-addressed email to localplan@cheshireeast.gov.uk by clicking on the link below:

For a pre-addressed email, click here.

5. Paste the copied letter into the body of the email and send!



You can copy it as many times as you like – get friends and family to sign a copy – every letter will help our cause!

If sending a letter, note that it MUST be sent BY Thursday 12th December to ensure that it gets there on time.


Last day for objections is MONDAY 16TH DECEMBER !

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November 2013


New Consultation open - ends 16th December 2013 - Object Now!


Cheshire East Council has again discretely launched another consultation which is now open to public opinion. The consultation ends on 16 December 2013. You, the residents of Macclesfield and surrounding areas, gave your views back in February 2013 but the Council has chosen to largely ignore them.


See the leaflet below for more information and please object on the Cheshire East Council website by following the instructions contained in the helpsheet below (click on the images to open). You can also email or post your objection to the Council - see contact details below.


Consultation Flyer Page 1
Consultation Flyer Page Two

Flyer Side 1

Flyer Side 2


How to object to the consultation

How to Comment on Cheshire East's Website


We need you to either write in or better than that, register, login and comment on the Council's website via their consultation portal in order to register your objection to these plans. The website can be found here:




Specific web addresses:

* To object to the "Safeguarded" Land : click here

* To object to all Macclesfield developments : click here


* Objection emails can also be sent directly to:



* Objection letters can be sent to:

Spatial Planning Team,


Middlewich Road,



CW11 1HZ

November 2013

New Press Release


The Back Door Green Belt Land Grab!


Read our latest press release! Click on the document below:


November Press Release

November Press Release


Find out about how Cheshire East Council has quietly unveiled another consultation for the people of Macclesfield and surrounding areas, check out the new proposed plan map to see how it will affect you, and find out what is wrong with their new plan.


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Whose Home Is It? Petition


Read more below


September 2013

New Plan released by Council - Click on the map to the right to see how it affects you!


Read our latest press release! Click on the document below:


September Press Release

September Press Release



Following the release of the updated Local Plan, Save Macclesfield Green Belt group will be actively attending meetings regarding the new plan. See the questions that we will be putting to David Rutley MP by clicking on the file below.


Suggestions for David Rutley

Suggestions for David Rutley MP


Also, have a look at our detailed submission for the safeguarded land which includes the points with which we have been lobbying local councillors (see the documents below).


Save Macclesfield Greenbelt Submission

Save Macclesfield Greenbelt Submission

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July 2013

King's School - Green Belt Grab - Double Whammy!


King’s, a wealthy fee paying school where a majority of pupils come from outside Macclesfield, is showing blatant opportunism jumping on the band wagon with developers who want to concrete over Macclesfield’s green fields.


The school plan to sell the three sites they currently own to developers, a majority of which is green belt – and there’s the double whammy – new King’s site on green belt and then sell existing King’s sites and green belt to developers!


Read more by clicking on the document below:


King's Green Belt Grab Press Release


King's Double Whammy Press Release

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April 2013

Petition for Amendment of the National Planning Policy Framework


A note from a fellow activist group in Congleton:


We are concerned that the provisions of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and some of the other planning policy currently in force are making it very difficult for both individuals and local government to resist or refuse this kind of development and we are very concerned about the impact of this on our locality and our community. We are fed up of being accused of nimbyism and we believe that only a change of policy at national level is going to stop the destruction of our countryside.


We would like to ask you to join with us in this effort to change the National Planning Policy Framework and to encourage people in your community to sign the petition. The more people we can get involved the better for us all.




In addition to the petition we have written a letter to our constituency MP asking for her support with the petition.  You may consider it appropriate to write a similar letter to your MP.  You can view our letter (which was written before the petition was finalised) on our website at the link below.  Alternatively, visit our website and you’ll find a link to the letter on the Petition page. 




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What’s wrong with their plan?


- Cheshire East Council propose to offer up to developers nearly 400 acres of green belt land between Chelford Road and Congleton Road and a further  150 acres  between Congleton Road and Leek Road and the land at Fence Avenue. They want to construct a major road from Leek Road to Chelford Road, crossing Congleton Road, Gawsworth Road and Pexhill Road, creating access to huge green belt areas that they want developers to build on.


- We think this is a SCANDAL, when Cheshire East has not directly asked anyone whether they want a road or the green belt to be built on!


- The new road will cause more traffic congestion, with 6 new junctions planned. It will cause traffic to back up on Chelford Road to Henbury. Vehicles will seek short cuts through the village and back lanes.


- The road will be driven through an SBI site (Special Biological Interest), remnants of Ancient Woodland and areas with global endangered species!


- The government have relaxed the rules on developing green belt land, however they say this should only happen in “special and exceptional circumstances”. There are plenty of brown field sites in and around Macclesfield and plenty of plans have been passed , but new properties are not getting built. Why?


Is this just a way for developers to get access and build on OUR GREENBELT LAND?


Download the information leaflet here:

Flyer page 1
Flyer page 2

Flyer Side 1

Flyer Side 2


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What do you need to do now?


Donate to SMGB's fighting fund to secure a specialist barrister to assist with our case by visiting the Go Fund Me page - link below:


SMGB Fighting Fund



Have a look at the comments sent in by you on the consultation page. It is still open to be viewed at the address below, but you cannot make further comments.




Please get involved by:


- Come and help leaflet - contact us to let us know your availability!

- Tell your friends and relatives

- Speak to or write to your MP and/or councillor. Find out who your local councillor is and how to contact them here: http://moderngov.cheshireeast.gov.uk/ecminutes/mgFindCouncillor.aspx

- Get more involved! Attend public meetings, spread the word, join us and help.


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