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Save Macclesfield Greenbelt!


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We are a voluntary group of Macclesfield residents, concerned with our town. Macclesfield a great place to live and work surrounded by rolling green fields. We are not against sympathetic development or Macclesfield becoming a better place. If you think you can help or have any ideas, please email us at savemacclesfieldgreenbelt@live.co.uk .


Visit our Facebook page for updates and developments as they happen:

Facebook page


Don't forget to:


Donate to SMGB's fighting fund to secure a specialist barrister to assist with our case by visiting the Go Fund Me page - link below:


SMGB Fighting Fund



Have a look at the comments sent in by you on the consultation page. It is still open to be viewed at the address below, but you cannot make further comments.




Please get involved by:


- Tell your friends and relatives

- Speak to or write to your MP and/or councillor. Find out who your local councillor is and how to contact them here: http://moderngov.cheshireeast.gov.uk/ecminutes/mgFindCouncillor.aspx

- Get more involved! Attend public meetings, spread the word, join us and help.